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Years after the Muppets made their debut in theater and television, Jim Henson’s beloved characters are still capturing the hearts of fans all around the world. The Muppets’ first theatrical film in over a decade will be released for Thanksgiving, and has rekindled a ferocious hunger for Muppet artwork and memorabilia. Here, we list our favorite art pieces, ranging from classic curio to contemporary collectibles.


As the Muppets make a comeback into theater, it’s no wonder that popular prints are popping up across the Internet. Some of our favorite prints are part of a collection designed by artist Michael De Pippo. Each print in the line features a character member of the Electric Mayhem, like Dr. Teeth, Janice, and Animal.

Dave Perillo’s “It’s the Muppet Show” is another one of my favorite. The silkscreen print depicts members of the Electric Mayhem surrounded by popular Muppet characters. And it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so.  This one is now listed as “Sold Out.” Of course, that never stops me, I just switch my brain to Ebay mode!

It’s not easy being green. Or is it? Kermit the Frog and Yoda, the greenest characters in entertainment, sit side-by-side to discuss the question in Peter de Seve’s “Easy Being Green.” Another one of my favorite prints that combines two completely different worlds, and brings to light a question that is often overlooked.



An instant hit when first released in 2008, Disney Vinylmation figures are fun to collect and trade (and affordable too). These figurines are available in your favorite characters but you can also find rarer Muppets, such as Scooter, Dr. Teeth, and Floyd.


For thousands of collectors, it’s all about the pins. These unique knick-knacks are available as a limited edition at Disney theme parks, or you can trade them online, with friends, or in the parks. Our partners at provide forums where fans can trade and discuss Disney pins.


Jim Shore brings Kermit and Miss Piggy to perfect, detailed life in a series of Muppet figurines. Kermit plays his famous banjo while Miss Piggy poses in pink. The figures are hand-painted on stone resin, and add handsomely to any Muppet collection.

But if you’re looking for more classic memorabilia, there were some fantastic pewter or silver Muppet figurines by Hallmark created in 1980 and ’81 that it would be fun to track down. Etched with excruciating detail, the Muppets are brought to life and frozen in time for your viewing pleasure. . . if you can find them.

More Muppet Whatnot

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own Muppet? FAO Shwarz is bringing Muppet magic to life in the Whatnot Workshop, which allows you to pick Muppet parts and create your own Muppet pal for $129.99. What a great idea.

Of course, this is just a short list of some of MY favorite Muppet things.  What are some of yours?


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