Disney/Pixar’s “Brave”

There is a new kind of Princess in town. Merida makes her debut in theaters June 22nd in the new Disney/Pixar Film “Brave”.
“Brave” is the story of a young archer that is looking to follow her own path in life only to find herself on a truly amazing adventure. The daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor, Merida’s Life path was predetermined. Not willing to yield to such a fate, the young girl takes matters into her own hands. Now set upon a new adventure, Merida is faced with discovering what it truly means to be “Brave”.
Lucky for us, we do not have to wait until June 22nd to take home some amazing new products. DisneyStore.com has released a line of products for the new movie including this beautiful 11″ doll for only $16.50.  Equipped with bow and arrow, she makes a fierce edition to any budding Princess Collection.
There are also several costume pieces available to dress your little princess in. Dresses, wigs, tiaras, or even your own “Brave” Bow and Arrow Set.
As The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA is gearing up for their run at “Brave” from June 22nd- August 12th, they are partnering with the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store to carry their very own exclusive line of products including apparel, pins, and dolls, and other new and exciting products. In addition, they will be offering the opportunity to have breakfast with Merida herself. To make reservations for this experience, call 1-800-Disney-6.
You can find trailers and more info about the film on www.facebook.com/pixarbrave
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