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As a fan of James V Carroll’s Threadless shirt “Muppetational Mosiac,” I was excited to see a new art print that he did for Dark Ink called “Muppet Theatre.”  In case you missed it, Threadless had a Muppets T-Shirt Design Challenge a while back which had some really inventive and fun designs.  If you’re a Muppets fan, you should definitely check out all the designs!

Muppetational Mosaic


“Muppetational Mosiac”
by James V Carroll (one of the fan favorite winners, unfortunately the shirt is currently sold out)




The newest design by Carroll is another intricate design like “Muppetational Mosiac” but on a much larger scale.  Here’s a preliminary sketch of “Muppet Theatre” with the final artwork next to it

Muppet Theatre Sketch by James V CarrollMuppet Theatre by James V Carroll












There are also two variants  - “Red Carpet Variant” and “Neon Night Variant”

Muppet Theatre Red Variant Silk ScreenMuppet Theatre Blue Variant Silk Screen

Which color do you like best of the three?  The blue one is my favorite because I love how the greens really “pop.” It’s amazing that with all the detail, each silk screen print uses only 9 different colors!  If you’re looking to add one or more pieces to your collection – check out on Tuesday April 24th.  They will be available at a random time which is usually posted on the Acme Archive’s  Facebook page or Twitter.  Good luck and good collecting!

PS – find out more about the artist James V Carroll on his website here.

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  1. Lillian says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been a huge fan of the Muppets since day one. It makes my heart sing that they seem to be back. Hopefully for good.

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