A Tribute to Thomas Kinkade

If you’ve been living in the last decade, chances are you’ve owned a piece of artwork by Thomas Kinkade, or wanted one. Whether that piece is a mug, a jigsaw puzzle, an original painting, or just a t-shirt, there’s no doubt that the man reached thousands with his artwork.

A self-proclaimed “warrior of light,” Kinkade once said that he had one thing in common with Walt Disney: He wanted to make people happy. Though the artist recently passed away at the young age of 54, he has left behind a legacy that will long be remembered. His paintings usually feature idyllic landscape, lighthouses, and churches, but among his most notable lines is the Disney Dreams collection. Here, we take a look at contributions Kinkade made to the Disney universe.

Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star

Like many of Kinkade’s masterpieces, “Pinocchio” captures beautiful landscapes and ethereal lighting. Here we see Pinocchio overlooking fantastical scenery. We see the Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket, the villains walking on the bridge, and even the whale that was such an essential part of Pinocchio’s story. The painting captures the essence of Pinocchio’s adventures, while also including much of Kinkade’s famous themes.

A Day at Cinderella’s Castle

This painting of Cinderella’s Castle portrays Kinkade’s passion for landscapes and beautiful scenery. Kinkade paints a fantasy land where a fairy-tale castle sits snugly in the middle of a forest. Tinkerbell and forest animals surround the castle. The luminous quality of light is also present in the painting, another of Kinkade’s famous techniques.

The Little Mermaid

Capturing parts of both worlds in the Little Mermaid, this painting of Ariel and Prince Eric includes both Ariel’s underwater home and her new life on land. Again, we can see Kinkade’s wonderful lighting technique and use of color to evoke emotion in the water, flowers, and sky.

Bambi’s First Year

Perhaps one of the most tear-jerking tear-jerkers out there, Bambi, remains in the hearts of all Disney fans. Kinkade brings us back to a the beautiful forest. The lightning casts a sense of danger, a looming foreshadowing of Bambi’s tragic end. Yet the beauty of the forest remains unchanged.

The Lion King

Doesn’t this painting make you want to scream “AAAAAHHHH SEVENYA!!!!” at the top of the lungs? No? Just me, then.

Snow White Discovers the Cottage

Snow has been pretty busy. But with two new movies in box offices, the princess still has time to pose for paintings. Here, Kinkade shows the fairest-of-them-all prior to meeting her seven friends. Kinkade’s signature waterfall, cottage, and forest trees are present in the painting.

Thomas Kinkade will be missed by millions the world over. But one of the true gifts of art is that it can live on forever.

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