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10 Tips for Collecting Art as an Investment

Art collecting for profit can be a gratifying hobby, but it can be a lucrative investment as well. Want to turn your hard work into profit? Keep these tips in mind. Ask yourself, do you love it? If you’re investing in a piece of art, chances are you’ll be stuck with it for awhile as [...]

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How to Research a Disney Art Piece

You have an amazing painting–you found it in your attic, inherited it from your mother, or got hooked by the charms of an art gallery. Now what? Is its value rooted in your tie to the artist? Or are you just attached to it for sentimental reasons? Should you sell it? Is it worth anything? [...]

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Collecting Art for Beginners

How to Collect Art for the Beginner Collecting art may seem a little daunting if you’re just starting out, but you don’t need to have a degree in art history or paint a masterpiece to know a piece of art when you see it. All you need is an appreciation of the piece for what [...]

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